While Ear Water Entry, Do This To Cope With It

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In maintaining health and fitness conditions of the body, many people opt for the sport of swimming on a regular basis for the purpose. Just be careful because when you do this, often appearing ear complaint entry of water.

The water that goes into the ear in a short period of time does san happened repeatedly can increase the risk of inflammation of the ear canal, for example, to someone who often swims. The inflammation may be redness and swelling of the external ear canal (external). This section is a channel that is located between the outer ear and the eardrum. In the medical world, inflammatory disorders commonly referred to in this section with otitis externa.

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Recognize The Symptoms Of Ear Infections Due To Water Entry

If the entry of water and cause ear infection on the outer ear, there are some signs that can be used as signs. For mild infection symptoms include:

  • The ears a little redness
  • Itching in the ear canal
  • Earlobe pain when pulled
  • Removing the clear liquid is odorless

The symptoms that the level of the medium can be:

  • The redness of the more widespread
  • More itch feels
  • Increasing pain
  • The liquid that comes out is getting a lot of
  • Out the pus from the ear
  • Ear feels closed by liquids
  • Decreased hearing

In a severe stage, symptoms are:

  • Severe pain spread to the face, neck, or redness and swelling of the head side of the outer ear
  • Ear canal blockage experienced entirely
  • Fever
  • The lymph nodes in the neck to swell
If this happens, call your doctor to get proper treatment. First, the doctor is likely to clean the ear canal. Next, the doctor will probably recommend some medication to treat the infection and to cope with the pain.

Some of the below issues could arise if otitis externa is not handled appropriately.

  • Otitis externa-chronic
  • Otitis externa which lasted a prolonged or happen repeatedly.

  • Otitis externa malignant in nature
  • Otitis externa is allowed to continue it could also develop into a ' vicious ', because of the infection spread and the damage to the cartilage and bone of the skull.

  • The existence of a narrowing of the ear canal
  • Repeated infection in the ear canal will most likely lead to the narrowing, especially since the incidence of scarring. If this is the case, then removing the water from the ear canal will be more difficult and the sufferer will experience the possibility of disruption of quality of hearing.

  • Swelling of the face
  • Otitis externa can be spread through the small hole in the cartilage around. In the end, potentially making the face parts experiencing swelling.

How to remove water from Ear

So the problem is not water entry ears develop into alarming condition, we recommend that you immediately seek to take out the water that goes into the ear. Some way below can be done to remove water from your ear.

  • Wipe with a cloth ear

While ear water entry, the first easy way that can be done is to wipe the ear using a cloth. Wipe the outer ear slowly wearing cloth might be able to absorb most of the water in the ears. Do this while tilting ear entry of water into the direction of the fabric.  Be sure not to push the fabric to the inside of the ear because it will push the water.

  • Tilt your head to the side

Another way to remove water from your ear is by tilting the head toward the ear the entry of water. If necessary, do these things while jumped little with one foot so that the water pushed to the outside. Pull the earlobe in order that a wider opening of the Canal to ease the water out.

  • Lying oblique

The water will flow to the lower due to the influence of the gravitational force. For that, try to lay tilted so that the liquid can easily opt out at least for a few minutes. Usually, the earlobe will feel warm over the water out.

  • Yawn

Another way that possibility could help free the air from inside the ears, especially from the Eustachian, is to yawn. This movement may just help relieve the tension so that the earpiece can drain the water out.

  • Chewing on something

Usually, water enters the ear will be stuck at the tube Eustachio. That section is one part of the inner ear. To help free up the water so it could be issued with ease, chewing movements can help. If necessary, tilt the head while chewing is so easy the more water comes out.

If these actions still have not managed to overcome the condition ear water entry, then there is no harm to contact a doctor. You must also immediately to a doctor when the ear feels pain.
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