Things You Should Know About Chest Pain Right Side

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Right side chest pain could have been related to a heart attack. Although generally, a heart attack felt on the left side, the chest pain right side still need to look out for, because it could indicate the existence of serious health problems and life-threatening.

Chest pain right side rarely observed because people concentrate more on a heart of the chest that is on the left. Whereas, the right chest pain can be associated with several serious diseases that afflict body, especially in the elderly.

Chest Pain Right Side

A sign of the perceived Body
There are some physical symptoms that can be felt when someone experiencing chest pain right side, namely:

  • Pain in chest when changing the position of the body.
  • Smarting sensation in the chest cavity or behind the breastbone.
  • Pain in the chest feels impaled.
  • Chest feels like a squeezed, pressed, and tightness.
  • Pain when breathing, especially when lying down.
  • Feel the flow back from the channel Cena in the mouth.

Conditions Related To The Right Chest Pain
Here are some of the causes of the onset of chest pain on the right side:

  • Disorders of the heart

Even though it is not the only cause of chest pain right side, but the disturbance of the heart could be its originators. As for some types of heart disorders, including coronary heart disease, heart attack, pericarditis, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, angina, and aortic dissection.

  • Respiratory disorders

Lung problems can cause chest pains part right. Among other things, pneumonia or infection in the lung tissue, and pleuritis or inflammation of the lung membrane. There is also a pneumothorax, pulmonary conditions, namely that deflated due to injury so that air pressure inside the lungs and breathing is impaired. Pulmonary Emboli or blockage of blood vessels in the lungs can also make chest pain feels right.

  • Digestive disorders

Digestive disorders can also cause chest pain right side. For example, diseases of the stomach acid that can cause pain and burn in the chest, because the right of the esophagus and heart share the same neural network. Inflammation of the pancreas also causes pain in the lower right side of the chest, especially when lying down. Pain due to inflammation of the pancreas will improve each time leaning forward-facing. In addition, peptic ulcers are also potentially made the chest pain right side.

  • Stress

Anxiety disorders or extreme stress apparently can make panic attacks, which usually have symptoms similar to a heart attack. It can happen suddenly or triggered by a traumatic or stressful event in your life. This can lead to chest pain right side, or in both.

  • Pleuritis

Pleuritis induced by pleural swelling near the lungs. This is often caused by infection germs (viruses). The pain will be felt more when coughing and took a deep breath.

  • Sport or activity

Activities involving the chest muscle in excess can cause chest pain right side. This pain usually comes from muscle pain and increasingly deteriorating right chest muscle-driven moment.

  • Inflammation of the liver or hepatitis

This became one of the health conditions that are responsible for the emergence of chest pain right side. Careful layout adjacent to the wall of the chest cavity right is the cause of why the right side chest pain when hearts are experiencing serious problems.

  • Injury to the chest

Injury to the bones, muscles, and nerves in the chest can also cause chest pain right side. A broken right rib will cause chest pain right side, especially when breathing and coughing. Muscles and tendons between the ribs of the right could also be injured because of a cough too hard or because of movement, thus causing the chest pain right side.

Ask for the help of doctors and Emergency Conditions
Because the chest has a wide range of very vital organ for the body, then don't think is underestimated if breast pain. Some cases chest pain right side carries the following conditions require that you immediately request the assistance of a doctor. Of which:

  • Hard to swallow.
  • Fever, chills, or a cough while removing the greenish-yellow phlegm.
  • Coughing blood.
  • Right side chest pain that is severe, and failed to improve.

Meanwhile, conditions that need immediate emergency help is if chest pain right side carries the following conditions, include:

  • There is a surprise attack in the form of heavy pressure and tightness on the sternum.
  • After a long time don't do sports, sudden chest pain accompanied by difficulty breathing.
  • Chest pain radiating to the left hand, back, and jaw.
  • Heart rate or blood pressure too low.
  • Growing fast heartbeat, dizziness, nausea, pale, and sweat profusely.
  • Quick handling and prevention of early stage will be very helpful for the success of the treatment and prevention of the causes of the onset of chest pain right side.

Quick handling and prevention of early stage will be very helpful for the success of the treatment and prevention of the causes of the onset of chest pain right side. Do not hesitate to consult a doctor if feel the pain in your chest area.

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