Like This Way Of Addressing The Baby Hard Packed

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Over the age of 6 months, babies have started to be given food. However, often the baby hard-packed so it makes the mother feel anxious, fearing it will interfere with the development of the baby. If this happens to your baby, it's good you understand how to cope with the difficult baby to eat.

The baby has difficulty eating can be caused by many things, for example, due to feel full, food allergies, tired, do not like the food they are given. In addition, some conditions such as premature birth, diarrhea, jaundice, and ear infections, can be the cause of the baby has difficulty eating. Although classified as natural, hard-packed could have an impact on the baby's fatal if left without handling, especially for a long time.

 the baby hard packed

Various Means Of Overcoming The Baby Hard Packed
Baby face hard-packed indeed exhausting, but try to remain calm. In certain cases, the baby can grow up with healthy and normal despite the hard-packed. However, if his weight did not increase because of the hard-packed, it's not allowed, because your baby can lack nutrients, experiencing barriers to growth, even psychological disorders.

Some way of overcoming a difficult baby can be done at home, among others:

  • Feeding baby slowly

Do not force the baby to eat if he refused. Recognize when a baby begins to feel hungry. Usually, the baby will whine or be cranky if you feel hungry. Try to feeding baby slowly in when she begins to feel hungry. You can also feed him in small portions but more often, rather than all at once in large portions.

  • Smoothing nourishment

One of the causes of difficulty swallowing baby food is because the food is given out too hard. For that, try to smooth baby food by adding milk or water.

  • Avoid too often provide new food

Not rarely the infant would reject if given new food that hasn't been eating before. To resolve it, you could mix it with the new food menu foods commonly consumed daily. If you want to introduce new types of food, then give it gradually and do not be too quick to change the food menu.

  • Feeding baby at the right time

Babies tend to refuse to eat when she feels sleepy. Therefore, pay attention to the time just before you feeding, for example, after she waking up or after he plays.

  • Keep food allergy triggers

If the baby has difficulty eating due to allergies, try to avoid food allergy triggers in your baby. Food allergy triggers that could be either milk, peanuts, soy, wheat, seafood, or eggs.
If various means of overcoming the difficulty of eating infant is not able to make your baby become easier to eat, we recommend consulting a doctor for proper handling.

Beware of the baby's condition difficult to eat if it is accompanied by symptoms of either a baby crying constantly, vomiting after meals, bloody bowel movements, not responding when touched or when experiencing a fever with a body temperature above 37 degrees Celsius. Immediately bring the baby to the doctor or the nearest health services.
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