Ear pain and Congestion after the Plane Ride

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Someone asked:
Male, 23 years old.
"Doc. .. I had a clogged ear after a plane ride in case of flu or colds, I've tried to treat with medication, ear drops ear compresses an unused but still hasn't healed, how advice.. Thanks"
 ear pain after the plane ride

The doctor replied:

When hearing complaints board a plane or to a cold area indeed often happens. On both, the State of the pressure changes occurs suddenly which cause Eustachian tuba failed to open. This situation can lead to a buildup of fluid in the eardrum. The usual form of diminished hearing the complaint, heard the voice of her own, feeling there is water in the ears and sometimes accompanied by the sound of ringing in the ears and dizziness.

Sensitive ear complaint that you mentioned does it mean your ears like feels full/covered/buzzing? If Yes, then this complaint can be due to one of these because colds cough phlegm so &. Whether you are experiencing the flu? It can also be caused because your ear holes covered by earwax.

If there is an infection can cause complaints out liquid (PUs) from the ear. As long as there is no infection in the upper airway, this situation can be resolved by performing a Valsalva parasite (as at the time of gum chewing, yawning, swallowing, etc), especially when the aircraft began to descend for landing.

Your ears, a complaint if the complaint goes a long time then you should be checked into a specialist ENT for a physical examination.

So that we can pass on information about the ear pain and Congestion After Boarding. Maybe useful for you.

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