Baby Colds Medications Not Needed The Little To Recover From Flu

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When the baby is infected with the influenza virus and cause them to be exposed to the flu, usually a parent or babysitter will immediately panic to deal with it. Baby cold medicine was a practical solution to stop the suffering of the little one.

Though indeed moved by good intentions, sadly dispensing colds for babies is not a recommended option. Especially if the drug is a cure cold that is sold freely in the market. For infants, especially those aged two years and under, the drug can give serious side effects. No responsibility-responsibility, baby lives is at stake.

May Give Febrifuge?
In infants who suffered flu and fever, it still is possible given the febrifuge. In fact, a mild fever in infants is a sign that the little body was trying to fight off the virus.

Administering medications pain reliever, such as paracetamol, is done in order to avoid the baby discomfort caused by fever. However, don't expect that the flu will recover because the febrifuge was not intended to eradicate the flu virus.

Which must be observed by the parent or caregiver is about dispensing this fever reliever and the age of The minor. If an infant under three months, then acetaminophen or the like should not be given to infants. Therefore, the guideline dose of usage can be confusing, consult a doctor it is recommended that the granting of this type of remedy appropriate.

Another heat relief can be used as an option is ibuprofen. It's just, this type of drug can only be given to infants aged six months or more. However, it should be noted that even though the baby was already aged over six months, do not give this medication if the little one is dehydrated or prolonged vomiting.

What should I do?
Instead of giving the baby cold remedies, some of the actions below are recommended to parents when their babies are having the flu.

Redakan the little fever
If the little one was only 3 months old or younger and experiencing fever, parents or caregivers should immediately contact a doctor. A pediatrician stating that with the content of paracetamol may be provided on children aged 4 months upwards. Make sure the dose of medication used is a dose for the drug drops a baby not to drop the drug. If in doubt, contact your doctor to ensure proper awarding dose.
Keep the baby from the conditions of dehydration
Keep your baby awake bodily fluid essential done, not distinguishing how old the little one. For babies aged less than four months, only BREAST MILK or infant formula which it needs. Add a little whitewater in addition to BREAST MILK for infants who are already aged four months. What about fruit juice? The juice diluted with water may only be given to a baby with the proviso that she already was six months upwards.
Elevate the position of the head
In order to better the baby's breathing while experiencing a cold, try making the little sleep with the head slightly elevated position. To facilitate this position, place several towels in between the head and the mattress. Avoid wearing a pillow to prop the baby because it is at risk of causing the baby suffered suffocation due to an obstructed airway. Other things that can be done is to let him sleep in a special baby car seat (infant car seat) in a semi-erect position.
Redakan nasal congestion
When experiencing the flu, the most disturbing thing is nasal congestion. So the baby isn't too tormented with nasal congestion, a pediatrician suggested to use a nasal aspirator or nasal sprays containing salt. It is expected to relieve the throat of phlegm and cleanses the nose of mucus.
Make a steam room warm
Parents or caregivers can also put warm water in the tub or turn on the hot water, shower in the bathroom. It is advised a pediatrician to reduce baby nose breathing when the flu. Accompany the little one to sit in the bathroom for about 15 minutes. This is done so that the baby is being cold can inhale the vapors warm that fills the room. The heat from the steam this can make the mucus in the nose of a baby easier out. It can also relieve chest little one so it is easy to breathe a sigh of relief.
Although a cure colds baby not recommended, contact your pediatrician recommended anyway, especially if the infant is experiencing a fever with temperatures above 38 degrees Celsius. The baby will not eat and drink the, coughs that don't heal more than three weeks, and has signs of dehydration should also be brought to a doctor. In addition, the physician must be involved in the baby's lips turn blue look, ear pain, and breathing hard baby accompanied the sound of wheezing.

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