A Series Of Factors Precipitating The Headaches Of The Back

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Almost all people have experienced headaches. The perceived complaints can vary greatly because of the condition of each of the different people. Headaches the back including one that often complained of. What is the cause?

A headache is a pain can be felt at the top of the ear, the eye and the top of the head, the back of the head to the top of the neck. Therefore, each location of the onset of headaches may indicate the cause. Headaches can be caused by disruption of the disorders of the constituent structure of the head itself, including the blood vessels, muscles, and nerves. Headaches may also be influenced by other factors such as suffering from a disease to the environmental and psychological situation.

 A Series Of Factors Precipitating The Headaches Of The Back

Identify The Cause Of The Headaches The Back
To find out how to overcome the headaches of the back, then you need to recognize symptoms further. Some causes of headaches on the back include:

Lack of sleep, stress, strain, and hunger could trigger headaches tense. A headache is commonly experienced by adults, ranging from mild to moderate pain. The time of relapse, a person will feel tense and there's pressure at the forehead or the back of the head and neck for about 30 minutes to a few days. Headaches can occur in tense lost arising for less than 15 days per month, or a chronic attack of more than 15 days per month. Generally tense headaches not to hinder a person from performing the activity.

  • Chronic daily headache

Chronic daily headache occurring nearly every day for three months triggered by an injury to the neck or fatigue. Headaches that strike women more often this happens because the muscle on the back of his neck stiffened. Physiotherapy is one suggestion for easing the chronic daily headache. For certain cases, doctors can combine it with an antidepressant medication. Meanwhile, the drug pain relief is not recommended for chronic daily headaches can aggravate his condition.

  • Headaches when physical activity

As the name suggests, a headache also called an exertional headache is triggered by physical activity, and get to the more severe if these types of activities are quite heavy, such as running, having sex, cough or muscle toning abdomen while urinating large. Exertional headaches can be felt in the back of the head, just behind the eyes or around the part of the head. This pain usually lasts around 20 minutes. Generally, these headaches do not indicate a serious problem, but perhaps it could be a sign of a disorder of the blood vessels in the brain, although this is very rare. However, consult your doctor immediately if you are often afflicted by this disease.

  • Occipital neuralgia (both occipital neuralgia)

Occipital neuralgia is triggered by the failure of the occipital nerves located around the spinal cord from the base of the neck to the head. This disorder appears due to pressure or irritation from the occipital nerves due to injury, inflammation or pinched nerves. It is sometimes considered a headache a migraine because the symptoms are almost the same. The pain is felt on the occipital neuralgia generally like electric shock a sharp prick on the head and neck.

  • A basilar Migraine

In contrast to a migraine, in General, felt on one side of the head, basilar migraine was felt on the back of the head in the basilar artery. A migraine often begins with symptoms of aura, like haze, temporary blindness, dizziness, ear ringing, as well as talking or hearing impaired arises. But besides pretty disturbing symptoms, migraines are not made the sufferer feel weak, although in certain cases, ought to be wary because this type of a migraine is associated with strokes. Check with your doctor immediately if you experience a headache with symptoms resembling migraine basilar.
In addition, the posture is not good, for example, due to events or everyday work, as well as a habit of bending, can also cause strain on the lower back area up to the neck, it can also cause headaches back part. Disorders of the vertebrae (herniated nucleus pulposus) in the area of the neck, and cluster headache also often cause headaches back part, especially while lying down.

Beware Serious Condition
Most of the headaches the back that really isn't going to worry about. However, there are some symptoms that require further examination by a doctor or other medical experts. Beware headaches that occur, if:

  • Accompanied by high fever, vomiting, or red eyes.
  • Accompanied by pain in the head, vision impaired, or pain in the jaw when chewing food.
  • Affect the ability of speech and balance.
  • The result of a change in behavior or memory disorders.
  • There is a history of head injuries in the last three months.
  • It comes suddenly and not overpowering, in contrast to a usual headache you are experiencing.
  • Do not rapidly disappear but instead the more severe.
  • Your body's immunity is low, for example, medicines because of corticosteroids or stricken with diseases such as HIV.
  • Ever or are currently suffering from cancer that could potentially spread throughout the body.
  • More rarely known headache experienced by those who practice a balanced diet, regular exercise, managing stress well, consume plenty of fluids, and sleeping enough.

Generally, a headache occurs without a serious reason. However, if you experience a headache the back accompanied by other symptoms or a headache is different than has ever been experienced before, check with your doctor immediately.

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