9 How to treat heat in Fast Naturally

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As we learn together, we live in a tropical country that gets the sun shines the most. This kind of condition can cause a variety of health problems, including one heat in.

An awful lot of ordinary society considers the heat in is a disease, but not so. According to experts, the heat in the body of the response is a sign of misbehaving. This means heat in including into the symptoms of a disease that will appear.

Heat problems it can strike anyone. Starting with infants, children, adolescents, to adults. Usually, people who like outdoor activities tend to be more at risk in heat-affected.

  • Causes Of Heat In

There are myriad causes of heat in that you know. As for the causes of it among other things such as:

  • Lack of intake of vitamin C, fiber, and fluid in the body
  • Too much consumption of hot food and fatty/oil
  • Weather and environmental factors, especially when the weather is hot and dry
  • The condition of a person experiencing stress
  • The existence of the instability of the hormones in the body
  • The durability of a declining body (immunity)

It's good, for you who have not been exposed to heat in order to immediately avoid some causes of heat in the above.

The Symptoms Of Heat In

  • Although not a disease, but a symptom of heartburn can make a sufferer is very disturbed. Here are some of the symptoms often experienced by someone who is exposed to heat in:
  • The emergence of the wide variety of interference on the part of the mouth. Starting from canker sores, chapped lips, and the sting of bad breath
  • The occurrence of digestive system disorders like constipation (difficulty CHAPTER) and hemorrhoids
  • The presence of interference on the part of organs of the throat. Such as sore throats, throat inflammation, itching, dry, and much more
  • Often feel thirsty and always like to drink, even potentially heavy dehydrated
  • The agency feels the hectic and sometimes high heat
  • The emergence of pain in the throat when swallowing food

Actually how to treat heat in it is very easy. You don't need to buy the drugs to the pharmacy in the heat or do medical treatment with costly fees. Some natural remedies can be used in heat, what are those? check out some of the how to heal hot in here.

How To Cure Heartburn Naturally Easy

  • 1. Drinking coconut water light green

Do you know what the content of the young coconut water? water this one turned out to contain a fairly high electrolyte compound. Besides being beneficial to prevent dehydration and increase the Ionic content of the body, it can also help treat heat in.

How to treat heartburn with coconut water:
In fact, you can drink fresh coconut water directly. However, in order for maximum results don't forget to combine natural honey
Drinking regularly at least as much as 2 times in a week. Usually for a period of 3 days, the heat in the already recovered.

  • 2. Apple Cider vinegar

Apple Cider vinegar differs with the type of vinegar in General. One of the most notable difference is in the level of violence. Apple Cider vinegar tends to be softer (not hard) than other types of vinegar.

Enriched with vitamin C and antibacterial content high enough, Apple Cider vinegar is very suitable as a natural remedy in the heat. Even with regular use, the various sore throat could be lost effectively.

How to eliminate the heat in with Apple Cider vinegar:
Do I prepare as much Apple Cider vinegar 5-7 tablespoons? Then combine with 1 cup warm water
After that, use the vinegar water for 10 minutes
When finished, discard the vinegar water and again with warm water to rinse.

  • 3. Honey and the juice of a lemon

Honey is a drink containing a wide range of nutrients. Starting from the natural mineral content of nutrients, vitamins, and much more. Contents this is quite helpful for keeping body condition, one of them treat the heat inside.

However, in order for maximum results, combine honey along with lemon. Own lemon contains vitamin C which is quite high. Thus, it is very good to overcome the heat in.

How to treat heartburn with honey and lemon:
Combine 6 tablespoons natural honey with 3 tablespoons of the juice of lemon water
After that, drink the concoction on a regular basis as much as twice a day. You can drink it before bed and after waking up

  • 4. The hair of young corn

Maybe how to treat heat in the hair with corn fair odd. But believe it or not, this way is very effective at all. My own if were having heat in the hair use corn. The heat not only in that it will recover, but the mouth and throat then we will be more healthy.

How to cure the heat in the hair with corn:
The first step to prepare a single hand-held hair young corn that is still fresh or fresh
Next boil corn hair earlier with water as much as 3 cups, wait until boiling water into 1 cup
So it didn't seem enough, you can add the ginger and rock sugar. After mixed evenly, filter and separate
Konsumsilah water boiled the corn hair on a regular basis at least once a day to heat in the read.

  • 5. Green beans

Green beans contain the types of legumes containing fibers is quite high. Fiber is not only beneficial for the relief of heartburn but also helps to launch the digestion of our body. Even the consumption of green beans regularly will also help boost the immune system of the body you gradually.

How to treat heat in with green beans:
The first stage is to prepare green beans 2 handheld
After it's boiled green beans last with 3 glasses of water and wait until the remaining 1 cups of water only
Then add the ginger and rock sugar so that it feels increasingly favors
After that strain and separate them with Campania. Then the water decoction of green beans lasts regularly at least once daily until healed.

  • 6. Egg chicken

In my village, kampung chicken eggs are often used for herbal medicine by fathers. According to them, it is said that after downing a raw chicken egg can increase the stamina of the body. It turns out that having examined by experts, herb chicken eggs is also quite effective for the heat in the natural medicine.

How to cope with the heat in the free-range chicken eggs:
Prepare 1 free-range chicken eggs are still fresh
Make the hole a little bit at the end of the egg. Then pour the white eggs are all out, try not to come into the yolk out
After it blew a hole, then tenggak egg yolk directly.
Note: for those of you who have acne problems, it is not recommended to use the how to sixth. because of the high-fat content in egg yolks can make acne getting worse.

  • 7. Salt water

Salt water is usually used to treat the sick cavities, but this time you can try to cure the heat inside. Salt is believed to contain natural mineral compounds that can cope with a wide range of symptoms of heartburn. Ranging from a sore throat, irritation, mouth ulcers, and many more.

How to treat the pain with the heat in salt:

  • Pour 5-6 tablespoons fine salt into 1 cup warm water
  • Dissolve all the salt, then use to rinse for 5 minutes
  • Do regularly especially before bed and after waking up.

  • 8. Galingale

The next heat in natural medicine is kencur. Usually, galingale or turmeric is widely used for cooking, but after research, it turns out that these Asian native spices contain natural minerals which can help to lower the heat in. Even kaempferia galanga is also quite effective for overcoming cough and phlegm so dry.

How to treat heat in with great galingale mixtures:
Prepare 2-3 thumb size kencur
Next Peel, wash, kencur grated and last until smooth
Juicing halusan kencur last to produce a thick yellow sari
Combine a few ml of warm water so that is not too thick, then consumption regularly at least once daily until healed.

  • 9. Consumption of plenty of fruits

If you do not want to create various elixirs with Ribet above, then I recommend consuming fruit only. As we know, the fruit is a source of a wide range of nutrients, including vitamin C and fiber.

There are at least some 14 fruits that you can make it as heat in natural medicine. These fruits include avocados, fruits such as strawberries, grapes, kiwi, cantaloupe, tomatoes, soursop, mango, pomegranate, Apple, guava, cashew, banana, and orange.

The number of types of fruits actually has the same benefits but I prefer guava fruit consumption. Because guava contains vitamin C which is higher than on other fruit. In addition, high collagen content can also help overcome the wrinkles of the face.

How easy, right? Well as that's how to treat heat in that I can tell. Although the results are not instant, for the issue of the result will not be disappointed. Believe death!

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