Weight Loss Guide With Color Diet (Red, Orange, and Green)

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Keeping the ideal weight is not only useful to support your appearance. With a healthy weight, your body will feel more fresh and you are also kept away from various types of diseases. However, what if you are not the type who can strict diet? Or you people can not stand hungry? Relax, you can still lose weight through the color diet. Let's learn about diet sundries and their benefits for the body below.

What is a color diet?

Color diet is a special diet that puts the color of food on your plate. So, the focus of this diet is not to calculate the intake of calories, fat, or carbohydrates. You just need to focus on selecting certain colors when choosing the menu.

The color of food that is mandatory on your plate is red, orange, and green. Sources of food that you can choose a variety. Starting from fruits, vegetables, nuts, to meat. The key is to set the color balanced. Do not let you just eat foods that color it-that's all.

In addition to the mandatory three colors of red, orange, and green, you are also advised to eat food with a more diverse color. For example purple, yellow, pink, or white. In essence, make sure the food on your plate is colorful.

How does food color affect nutrient intake?

Various studies have proven that the colors contained from the original food sources such as fruits and vegetables have nutritional content and their respective functions. The brighter or thicker the color, the better also the usefulness for the body.

Red and orange foods, for example, are rich in carotenoids that are good for the body's immune and eye health. While green foods contain various types of vitamins and minerals that can help prevent disease.

In addition to rich in nutrients, colorful foods tend to be low in calories, but high in fiber. Therefore, you will be full longer without worry that the calories will be stored so fat reserves in the body.

By making the food so colorful, you will automatically reduce the intake of fatty and high-calorie foods such as fried or meat with lard.

You can also restrict carbohydrates from white rice and balance it with green foods, for example vegetables or beans. Your diet becomes easier and will not feel torturous.

Guidelines on a color diet to lose weight

To lose weight while maintaining health, you can try the color diet with the following tips.

1. Breakfast

Most people choose a breakfast menu like fried rice or egg rice in the morning. In addition to colorless, most rice in the morning can increase blood sugar levels. Excess sugar will be stored so fat reserves so you quickly fat.

For that, choose a colorful breakfast menu such as oat porridge with strawberries, bananas, grapes, and mangoes. If you want to eat rice with eggs, reduce the portion of rice and add vegetables broccoli or beans.

2. Lunch

Lunch is a good time to add a variety of colors to your plate. Do not just eat rice with fried chicken and lalapan. Replace with meat without lard and capcay skin and vegetables.

You can also replace white rice with other colorful carbohydrates. For example brown rice, corn, or sweet potatoes.

Do not forget, make sure your vegetables are colored like red and orange. For example from carrots and tomatoes. Try also to reduce the portion of rice so that your food is more dominant colors are bright.

3. Dinner

You like to eat chicken satay with lontong at night? Should replace with a more colorful menu. For example vegetables kale with chili, tomatoes, and fresh petai. You can also add low-fat meat like shrimp.

As a choice of colorful vegetables, you can choose purple cabbage, yellow or orange cauliflower, peppers, and eggplant. Remember, your plate should be more bright than the pale color of meat or rice.

4. Snack

Relax, you can still snack while undergoing a color diet. The key is to choose healthy and colorful natural snacks. Choose snacks such as edamame or fresh fruits.

However, you still have to pay attention to portions, yes. Do not let you snack on too many fruits or nuts. The reason, natural and healthy foods also contain calories that can make weight gain. So, limit snacking at most twice a day with small portions.
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