How to Treat a Migraine

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Distinguish migraine signs from different headaches. before looking to deal with a migraine, you want to make sure you absolutely do have a migraine and no longer some other sort of headache. Migraines typically arise as throbbing pain on one aspect of your head along with nausea or vomiting, and/or noise and light sensitivity, although it's miles possible to have a migraine and revel in no head ache. you can experience forewarning signs an hour or two earlier than the migraine, inclusive of blind spots, auras, flashing lights, weak spot, tingling, or even trouble talking.[2] They commonly closing from four to seventy two hours and sense worse while you’re being lively. recognize the simple features of other sorts of headaches, and bear in mind whether or not your signs seem more like a migraine:[3]
anxiety complications feel like a decent band round your head or a weight for your head, frequently with neck and/or shoulder anxiety. They arise with out throbbing, nausea, or vision adjustments. they are the maximum commonplace form of headache, inflicting mild to moderate pain.
Cluster complications motive intense ache typically over one eye, temple, or forehead; pain tends to return on fast, closing five to 60 minutes, then disappears for a time earlier than returning. sometimes your eye will water or nostril will run at the equal facet as the headache. those are the least common varieties of headache
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