Benefits and Risk of Soda Water (Carbonated Water) for Health

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Carbonated water, also known as soda water, is water that is "injected" with carbon dioxide gas. This makes the bubbles in the water. You may often see this bubble in soft drinks. With the bubbles in soft drinks, this gives a sensation when you drink it. You may think that this bubble in carbonated water has no effect on the body. However, your assumption may be wrong. Want to know what effect carbonated water on the body? Check this out.

What are the effects of carbonated water on the body?

Carbon dioxide is deliberately "injected" into the water apparently can bring good or bad effects for the body. Anything?

The benefits of carbonated water for the digestive system

Once your tongue is about carbonated water, you may already be able to feel the sensation. This sensation may be fun for some people. Weak acid contained in carbonated water can stimulate nerve receptors in your mouth. Some research shows this can improve your swallowing ability. Although it has an acidic ph, but in fact carbonated water does not affect your body ph.

Carbonated water may also help you who have constipation problems. Some people may have better digestion after drinking carbonated water. This has also been proven by several studies.

Although acidic, carbonated water may also help you to relieve heartburn due to increased stomach acid in the absence of gastric disturbance (functional dyspepsia). This is because carbonated water can increase stomach activity.

However, it should be noted that this is only effective if you consume carbonated water without additional calories from sugar. Unfortunately, carbonated water that you often meet is in the form of soft drinks, which has been added with a variety of flavors and sugar in high quantities. In fact, these soft drinks can cause weight gain.

The danger of carbonated water on dental health

Another carbonated water effect is on the teeth. Carbonated water is often associated with tooth decay. This is because its acidic ph makes the enamel layer on the teeth can be eroded. But, this is not necessarily true.

Carbonated water added to sugar, such as in soft drinks, can indeed cause tooth decay, according to several studies. However, carbonated water without added sugar is not proven to damage teeth.

Acid and sugar contained in soft drinks seem to play an important role in tooth decay. A combination of both can cause the enamel layer to become eroded. So, choose carbonated water that does not contain sugar if you want to keep your teeth healthy.

Effects on bone health

During this time you may often hear that carbonated water can cause bone loss. However, it turns out this is just a myth. Carbonated water has no effect on bone health.

The effect on porous bone is actually a cola. Cola is different from carbonated water. Cola drinks contain a lot of phosphorus and usually people who often consume cola drinks have less calcium intake, especially women. This is why cola can trigger bone loss.

So, you should still drink milk or other calcium sources, although you often consume carbonated beverages or cola drinks. Do not make carbonated beverages instead of milk. But in fact, young women who consume carbonated beverages often make the drink as a substitute for milk so that calcium intake for bone health is not met well, according to a study in the journal Nutrition Research.
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