8 Unique Ways to Burn Calories You Probably Never Expect

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Are you currently losing weight? Exercise may be the way you do to burn calories so that weight loss can occur. However, it turns out there are many other ways you can do to burn calories and maybe you never expected before. What are the ways to burn calories that can be done?

1. Often laugh

Laughter makes you happy and also turns out to burn calories. A thing you might not have thought of before, did you? But, this has been proven by a study. A study involving 45 couples who watched funny movies showed that laughing while watching a funny movie can increase metabolism by 10-20%.

How can? When laughing, the body will increase heart rate. This will then increase your body metabolism by 10-20%. So, the calories in the body will burn bigger when you laugh.

2. Drink cold water

Many people think that drinking cold water can encourage fat accumulation. Thus, many do not drink cold water while you are on a weight loss diet. But the fact is, drinking cold water can actually help the body burn calories.

When you drink cold water, your body will increase your metabolism to produce heat to keep your body temperature up. So, the body will burn more calories when you drink cold water. Research also proves that drinking cold water as much as 500 ml can increase calories burned by 24-30% for 90 minutes.

3. Chew gum

How to burn the next calorie is to chew gum. Chewing gum can increase satiety so it reduces the calorie intake of food. This has been demonstrated in a study conducted by the University of Rhode Island.

The study proves that people who chew gum consume fewer calories during lunch and do not eat more food at the next meal. However, make sure the gum you choose is sugar free.

4. Donating blood

When you donate blood, the number of calories burned by the body will increase. Thus, blood donation can be one way of burning calories that you can try. After all, blood donation can help people, right?

After you blood donor, the body needs energy to form new proteins, red blood cells, and other blood components to replace the lost blood. So the body will burn more calories. However, you certainly can not donate blood every day, give pause time at least eight weeks for blood donor again.

5. Shop

When you shop, you may not realize that you are actually exercising small. Try to calculate how many steps you make when shopping? Each step you produce is certainly burn calories in your body, especially if you walk fast and up the stairs when shopping. This is a fun way to burn calories especially for women.

6. Cleaning the house

House cleaning is tiring. But this can you use to burn calories. When you clean the windows alone, you are actually burning calories about 65 calories. Not to mention if you also clean the floor, clean the bathroom, and anything else. So, in addition to your house being clean, cleaning the house also makes you sweat.

7. Move your hands and feet

When you are anxious or bored, you may unconsciously move your legs or fingers, for example tapping your fingers on the table. It can also burn your calories. In fact, a study proves that anxious people sitting or standing can burn 5-6 times more calories than people who just sit or sit.

8. Sexual intercourse

One more thing that turns out to burn your calories is having sex. Yes, when you have sex, you need a lot of energy, especially if done with passion. That way, you are actually also burning calories during intercourse.

Different positions of sex, different also the number of calories burned. Men can burn about 350 calories per hour while performing missionary positions. Meanwhile, women can burn about 200 calories while doing cowgirl position for 30 minutes.
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