3 Benefits of Exercising While Menstruating

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When the time comes for menstruation, many women experience difficulty focusing on work, often irritability, and mood fickle without cause. Some women who usually exercise regularly avoid exercise for several days until the menstrual period ends. However, this is not a good idea, because sport during menstruation is a lot of benefits.

The benefits of exercise during menstruation

1. Relieves flatulence

Menstruation is associated with hormonal changes. This change causes a tendency to store fluids in the body. This phenomenon is called "fluid retention," and in addition, a change in appetite may also occur during this period. Women tend to want chocolate and sweet foods during menstruation.

These dietary changes also cause bloating. With regular exercise, your flatulence will be reduced.

2. Overcoming menstrual pain

Another symptom that can be relieved by exercise during menstruation is pain. When exercising, the body produces endorphins, which are chemicals that can help ease the pain experienced by women during menstruation

3. Make the mood so more stable

Mood and emotions are up and down is a thing that often occurs during menstruation. You may know that exercise can deal with stress. However, it turns out physical activity like sports also provide the same benefits. The resulting endorphins will help because it makes you feel more positive and relaxed, so you feel better and less stressed. As a result, your day will get better emotionally.

Great time for sports

During menstruation, women can get the best benefits from exercising. Hormonal changes cause decreased levels of estrogen and progesterone, which affect the ability to access carbohydrates and glycogen. In other words, women who exercise during menstruation every month are able to commit to intensive training. They seem to have a stamina boost, allowing them to continue to overstep within a short period of time.

Menstrual periods are actually a good time for women to become physically active. In fact, menstruation should not prevent you from exercising regularly. This will reduce mood instability and make you feel better. Thus, exercise during menstruation is more beneficial for women in relieving menstruation, than vice versa.
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