Want a CHAPTER Current After Childbirth? Try Chewing Gum

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mengatasi susah BAB setelah melahirkan

Difficult BAB after giving birth to a caesar sometimes becomes a nightmare for many women. Usually you will not defecate for 2 or 3 days. Even if the urge comes up, the first bowel movements after giving birth to the caesar can be very painful. This is because major surgery such as a caesar can cause "constipation" due to an intestinal blockage called ileus.

But you need not worry. There is one simple, strange but real trick, which is believed to help new mothers ward off hard bow after giving birth. All you need is to stop by the shop near the house to buy gum. Yes! Chewing the chewed gum becomes one of the ways to speed up the difficult recovery of CHAPTER after delivery. How come?

Chewing gum can overcome difficult CHAPTER after giving birth to a caesarean

One in five women is diagnosed with intestinal obstruction (ileus) after cesarean section. Bowel obstruction makes the body's digestive system slow down drastically or even stop altogether. This causes new mothers to experience malaise, stomach cramps, flatulence, to nausea a few days after surgery. Obstruction of the intestine is thought to be due to inflammation of the abdominal surgery during caesarean delivery.

Usually the doctor will advise you to take a walk or eat something immediately after surgery to relieve the symptoms. But often these two ideas just "get in the right ear, out the left ear" for many new mothers because nausea and feeling weak after surgery make them not eager to do anything.

Well, a recent study from Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, USA found a simple solution to overcome difficult CHAPTER after birth just by chewing gum. This is because chewing gum can "cheat" the body into thinking that you are eating by mimicking the real feeding process.

Chewing without having to swallow anything can still make saliva flow in the mouth and help send a signal to the intestine that there is "food" coming so ready to start moving again. This is evidenced by the research team after observing 17 different studies involving more than 3 thousand women. The average female participant who chewed gum for 30 minutes within 2 hours after leaving the operating room successfully farted only 23 hours later. Record time is 6.5 hours faster than the group of women who did not chew gum - they can only fart 30 hours after surgery.

How many times to chew gum for CHAPTER smooth after surgery?

If you want to try this one trick to overcome difficult CHAPTER after delivery, chew gum in 2 hours after leaving the operating room for 30 minutes to 3 times a day. Do continue until the signs appear to want to fart.

Fart is one of the earliest signs that the digestive system has returned to normal functioning. This is a signal that there is no more blockage in the intestine and intestines move back as usual. Conversely, the inability to dispose of the wind may indicate a bowel obstruction.
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