Often Feeling Dullness When Connected Sex, Normal?

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Bedwetting is normally experienced by infants or young children who have not been able to urinate on their own. But in fact, bedwetting can occur at any age. In fact, not infrequently adults who accidentally wet during sex. Is this normal?

Bedwetting during sex is more often experienced by women

Bedwetting during sex is a very common problem. But this is more common in adult women, because the male body has a natural mechanism that prevents urine from ejaculating when they ejaculate. Men can not urinate and ejaculate at the same time. When a man ejaculates, the bladder opening closes to prevent urine from mixing with semen.

But for women, the process is a bit more complicated. It would be possible for a woman to urinate and orgasm at the same time. As a result, some women choose to delay orgasm to prevent bedwetting during sex. Nearly 60 percent of women at least have experienced bedwetting during once in a lifetime sex.

The sensation of dying during sex may result from a confused body response when receiving so much stimulation in the most sensitive places. The location of the clitoris and the opening of the vagina is very close to the bladder hole (urethra). During sex, fingers, penises, or sex toys that are used to stimulate may accidentally join the urine bladder. However, bedwetting during sex is not female ejaculation.

Bedwetting during sex and female ejaculation are two different things

Female ejaculation is often referred to as squirting. Squirting is a female ejaculate fluid similar to semen, but more dilute, coming out of the bladder hole. Although out of the urinary opening, this fluid is not urine because it does not contain urea, creatinine, or uric acid commonly found in urine.

Women's ejaculatory fluid also does not include women's natural wall lubricants. Squirting fluid contains a characteristic characteristic of prostate plasma derived from the Skene gland, which more or less functions as a female prostate gland. Female ejaculation is usually the result of continued stimulation in the G-spot. Therefore, pressing the G-spot area will also affect the Skene gland.

Unlike the liquid you remove when wetting during sex. The liquid that comes out is really urine, exactly the same as when you urinate. The reason why bedwetting can occur when sex is not fully understood, but most likely it is caused by urinary incontinence, inflamed bladder (cystitis), or weak bladder neck muscles. A weak pelvic floor can also cause bedwetting during orgasm.

In some cases, sometimes this problem is caused by the size of the vagina and penis are less "fit" to facilitate penetration. A large penis can sometimes create an unstoppable dulling sensation in women who have smaller vaginal opening sizes. Certain sex positions also sometimes make the feeling of dying pee more and more become, for example doggy style (penetration from behind) and woman above.

Bedwetting during sex can be a symptom of illness

Bedwetting during sex is a common thing, and need not worry too much. But if this continues and the urine volume is always low, call your doctor. This may indicate that you have uterine prolapse. In addition, urinary tract infections or vaginal yeast infections can also be the cause.

Consult your doctor if your urine smells strange and / or contains a similar white or grayish membrane like whiteness. Antibiotics may be prescribed by doctors to cure symptoms.
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